Love from... 

...a fellow human being. 

About The Project

The world needs more Love and this is what The Love Project was inspired from. The Love Project is a platform of emotional support to people in need. It also aims to raise a better awareness of the importance of mental health in Mauritius and to promote kindness and compassion in the hopes of breaking down the barriers of the things that, as a nation, divide us. 


1. Register to become a volunteer of The Project by filling out THIS FORM. You will receive our monthly Newsletters and be notified when there are new nominees. 

2. Check out our nominees on the "Write a letter " page of this website. 

3. Choose a nominee you would like to support, write them a letter of support and encouragement and send it to The Project (either by Post/by dropping them off in our letter box at So'Flo by Ascencia/by email to or by submitting it through our website - click on "write a letter to a nominee" above). 


4. Write letters of love to humanityand place them on our Love Tree at So'Flo. As a guide you can imagine that you are writing things that you need to hear at that point in time. The people who find the letters are invited to share how they felt about reading the letter by using the hashtag #theloveprojectmru on social media (and joining the Project if they felt like paying it forward).


5. Join our letter writing workshops where we will guide you in your letter writing process. The dates and venues of these workshops will be communicated on our Facebook Page as well as by email in our monthly Newsletters. 


6. Nominate yourself or a friend in need of emotional support to receive letters.

Please note that everything is done on an anonymous basis. We believe that there is nothing more powerful and humbling then receiving and giving love gratuitously.

Thank you for sharing the love.


"I attended a workshop. People often say meditation is a great therapy, it helps you relax, soothes your stressed nerves and you come out feeling lighter, more focused and fulfilled. I found the workshop to have that similar effect on me. I came in with stress of my own.. deadlines to conquer, things to look after, very little time and lots to manage, but curiosity to be a part of this workshop made me come all the way to attend despite that and I am glad it did. The environment was cozy and welcoming. The room filled with peaceful music sparked joy and inspiration. At the same time that feeling of knowing that we are all there for a specific purpose: to make someone else feel special, actually gives us a sense of responsibility and gratefulness in our ability to be able to do so. For that moment, I forgot about all my worries and thought about the nominees and what they must be going through. I imagined if I was one of them, what words would touch me and give me a reason to go on, I wrote them down and it was a wonderful feeling putting that envelope with my letter in the bundle, with hopes of making a difference. It opens ones mind to spreading messages of love and kindness <3"

From a supporter

"J'ai ete profondement touchee par vos marques d amour et d'encouragements a mon egard et ne sais comment vous remercier. En lisant, lettre par lettre, carte par carte, les larmes me sont montees aux yeux. Et cela me fait penser, qu il y a malgre toutes ces miseres, les injustices de toutes sortes et tout ce qui se passe sur notre terre Mere, qu il y a des personnes comme vous avec de si grands coeurs, plein d'amour et de compassion a penser a ceux qui souffre quelque soit la souffrance, merci encore a tous."

from a nominee

"I joined a workshop. I loved every minute of it. It is amazing how we can reach people throughout these Love Letters and give them encouragement and Love. It think it's a wonderful project and thank you for letting us be part of this."

From a supporter

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