About The Love Project

The Love Project began in 2018 as a small community project which aimed at spreading awareness of the importance of mental health in Mauritius. With this mission at heart, it introduced the concept of promoting emotional support to individuals through "letters of love" written by our volunteers to people in need across the island. The Project invited volunteers to sign up to The Project to receive notifications whenever someone in need was nominated (usually by a friend of family member). The volunteers then wrote their "letters of love" for the nominees either on our website, through the post, by dropping them off in our Love Project Letter boxes throughout the island or by attending one of our workshops. The letters were then all assembled into abig parcel and sent to our nominees ("with love from The Love Project"). The particularity of this approach was that volunteers didn't know who the nominees were, and the nominees didn't know who the letters were from. This created a ground which not only safeguarded peoples anonymity in an area that can sometimes be of a sensitive nature, but it also broke down certain social barriers/prejudices and keep the focus on love and support. Through this we were able to provide support to a great number of nominees, from all ages, and dealing with various life events, mental health issues and struggles.

We are currently working on growing the Project to reach other areas in which local awareness of mental health and support is needed. If you would like to be apart of this in any way, or just remainupdated on our growth and progress, feel free to like The Love Project - Mauritius Page on Facebook and Instagram, join our The Love Project Online Facebook Community on Facebook, sign up to our newsletter by visiting the Home page of our website or drop us an email on theloveprojectmru@gmail.com.


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