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Bundle Code O19A (Elodie):

“​As a child I was often left behind by my mother and later, sexually abused and harassed several times (not by a member of my family). I have been betrayed in most of my past relationships by my partners who have been unfaithful.  I've begun to feel like I'm the problem and I feel broken and stuck. I want to see there is still good people out there and I am hoping that through some words of encouragement I'll be able to overcome some of this sadness. Thank you so much."

Deadline: 31 October 2019 


You can either:

- post or email a hand-written or typed letter to us;

- drop your letter in our post box at So'Flo in Floreal (next to the Love Tree); or

- submit your letter online by clicking on "Submit a letter online" below.

Please use the bundle code associated with each nominee, either on the envelope of your letter (if you are posting a letter), in the email subject (if you are sending us your letter by email) or in the space provided in the form below (if you are submitting a digital letter) so that we know which nominee your letter is addressed to.

Check out the guide below to the letter writing for all useful information (including the postal and email addresses) as well as some examples of letters if you need some inspiration! 

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